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DO privacy promise

Our goal is to help people live a healthier and more active life by using our smart wearable products. The use of our products and services, you can have instant access tohealth and fitness data, allowing you to record progress, and promote achievement of goals, so as to take control of your health. As developing these products, we dedicated to adhere to the following principles: respect your privacy and ensure your data security, and gives you the discretion of use and sharing information. This is our commitment to protect privacy:
1. We will only collect necessary data to improve the DO products, services and user experiences.
2. We will process the data in transparency, and explains in clear language terms.
3. We will never sell any of your data, and only under your request (or under the "PrivacyPolicy" of the case), we will share your personally identifiable information.
4. We will always take care your data security.
To learn more about the data we collected, use of data, and the share method we both part couldadopt, please read the following privacy policy. Or, if you have any questions, please contactus.

Do privacy policy
Updated: 15thDec. 2015

DO design of products and tools could record daily health and fitness conditions, and helpe encourage users to live healthier and more active. This Privacy Policy appliesto all of our products; our website:; as well as for mobile devices APP software. In this PrivacyPolicy, devices, website, App, collectively referred to as "DO service". Once you start using the DO service, it indicates you agree usto deal with the data we collected from you according to this "Privacy Policy".

Since we are always exploring to help you achieve your fitness goals in innovative ways, this policy may change over time. But any future changes to this policy will notaffect our previously data collected. If there are any changes, we will publishon the website.

If any of the contents of this policy is unreasonable, orif you have any questions, please contact us.

What data does DO collect

When you activate the smart device

Before you use the DO device, you will be requested to download and install the related software APP and enter personal information, such as height, weight, date of birth and gender. We use this information to determine your personal fitness statistics such as calories burnt and distance walked. Depending on the deviceyou are using, it can collect a variety of data, such as the number of steps you walked through, weight, your sleep quality evaluation.

When visit our website

DO gather industry standard data information from all users who visited our website.This includes automatically record information about your visit, such as your browser type, operating system, page URL which leads you to our website, your perform different operations, and the IP address used to access our site. We use those information to provide you with relevant experiences based on the IP address of the location, in order to prevent misuse of the site and ensure the website is working properly. We also collect data from the cookie as well.

When you synchronize the device

Through the application or software to synchronize the device, data of your activities willbe transferred from the device to our servers. This data will be stored andused for providing DO service, and associated with your account. Each time you sync, we record data about transmission. Some examples of log data include synchronization of time & date, battery capacity and battery status, and the IP address used in the synchronization.

When You Make Purchases From Our Store

We do not view or store your creditcard information. This is handled by our third-party payment processor.We save your shipping address so our partner could process your order.

When You Contact Us For Help

As long as you contact DO for help, we will collect your name and email address along with other information you provide in there quest, in order to better serve you, and to improve the DO Service. You can contact us through channelsestablished by our official website.

Other Resource information

We will never collecting your information from other ways except your interactive with DO service.

How we use your data

DO use your data to provide you the best possible experience, to help you take good advantage of your fitness data, and to improve and protect DO service. Here are some examples:

  ●Height,weight, gender and age will be used to estimate the number of calories that you consume.

  ●Contact information is used for send you notifications, and send the new features or products information we guess you'll be interested.

  ●We use your data in the research, to learn and improve DO and DO services, exclude DO service failures, detect and prevent damage to error, fraud and other criminal acts, also implement DO terms of service.

What data is shared with third parties

Firstand foremost: We do not sell any data may identify you. Only it is necessary when providing DOservices, through the de-identified and aggregated data, or when you ask us toshare, we will share information about you.

Data may identify you

Personally Identifiable Information (PII)include personal identification data, such as your name, address or e-mail, or data you may have reasonable association. We will only share these data in the following cases:

According to the contract, companies who provide us services like order execution, e-mail management and credit card processing will beshared the PII information. Under the contract, these companies have aresponsibility to protect any PII information received from us.

If we believe that in order to comply with laws, regulations,effective legal process (such as subpoenas or search warrants served on us) orgovernment / regulatory requirements, in order to perform or implement the"Terms of Service" or "terms of sales", in order to protect DO service integrity, and / or protection DO, its employees, users or othersrights, property or safety, it is necessary to expose the information. If we have to get your data in public, unless the court orders prohibit, or we will try to provide you with e-mail notification in advance.

We may disclose or transfer with DO's sale, merger,bankruptcy, reorganization or sale of assets related to your PII. We'll let you know if there are different companies to receive your PII, and is committed tothis privacy policy applies to the data transferred to the new entity.

Data That Does Not Identify You (De-identified Data)

DO may share or sell aggregated, de-identified datathat does not identify you with partners and the public in a variety of ways,such as by providing research or reports about health and fitness or inservices provided under our Premium membership. When we provide this information, we take legal and technical measures to ensure that the data doesnot identify you and cannot be associated back to you.
Data that You Request Us to Share

You can ask us to share data with other parties. Forexample, you may authorize us to send your status updates to your Facebook or Twitter account, or as part of a wellness program requires us to share data with your employer. Once you have asked us to share your data with thirdparties, the data will be under the jurisdiction of a third party's privacy policy. You can always revoke your consent in DO Account settings to share data with third parties.

Other Ways You Might Share Your Data

“DO” may also ask you to participatein surveys(by DO or third -party ), to help us understand the situation you are using DO service. Any PII information you provide to DO (or by you or by DO to suchthird-party research providers) in these surveys, only for aspects of the investigation and the relevant policies and regulations.

How Does “DO” Keep My Data Safe

DO adopts a combination of technicaland administrative security controls to maintain the security of your data. Ifyou got security-related questions, please contact DO Customer Support.


In order to improveour service functions,We use cookie and others technology like Pixel tags and web beacons.

Technology we take

Cookies are text files that are sent by servers to web browsers and stored on your computer. They tell us which parts of DO services you’ve visited so we can figure out which promotions you may like or to remind you the software compatibility issues.

Web beacons and pixel tags are images implanted in awebpage or an email used for measuring and analyzing website usage andactivity. DO, or third party service providers acting on our behalf, may use web beacons and pixel tags to help us analyze site usage and improve our functionality.

We use small tools and plug-ins and other social mediatool that allows you to share information from the DO in Facebook and Twitterand other sites. These interactions collects your IP address, record DO youvisit web pages, and set to work to make the plug-in cookie. You interact with these plug-ins governed by the tool company's privacy policy ( rather than DO Privacy policy). We also use Facebook and Twitter pixel tags, to help us understand the effectiveness of marketing on these sites.

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