Warranty Policy

DO guarantee, DO Electronic Equipment ("Product") enter a warranty period of one year from the date of the sale (the actual date of receipt).

The followingconditions shall not apply for Returns
-any goods of the non-authorized dealers tosell (serial number does not match);
-products out of warranty period;
-unauthorized repair, misuse, collision,negligence, abuse, into the liquid, accident, alteration, improper installation caused the quality problems of goods, or torn, altered labels, machine serial number, anti-counterfeiting;
-commodity packaging, accessories, gifts,brochures incomplete, missing or altered invoices; -damage due to force majeure;

Product Replace &Repair
If there is quality defects in the warranty period, DO choose an approach among the following: (1)Free repair the product with new spare parts or refurbished spare parts; (2) Replace with a new or refurbishedproduct, certain shipping charge and maintenance fee may be chargedaccordingly. Please contact customer service consulting. If the product outof the warranty period, you may pay a few maintenance costs as well as freight.

Obtain warranty service guide
To obtain warranty service, you must send the product to DO specified address, and use the original packaging or packaging providing the same degree of protection. Detailed purchase information and evidence were required to provide in order to obtain warranty service.

Disclaimer and Limitations
This clause is applicable to DO or DO manufacturing representatives, and can use "DO" trademark, trade name or logo recognition came with the product. No any DO dealers, agents, or employees is authorized to make any modificationsto this limited warranty, extended or increased. If any provision is deemed illegalor unenforceable, it shall not affect or impair the remaining provisions of the legality or enforceability.